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Religious Awards

A message from John White:

Hello everyone. I am a previous Committee Chair for Troop 343 and the parent of a Troop 343 Eagle Scout. I wanted to take a moment to share some information about the religious awards that your son is able to earn while part of scouting. As you know, the twelfth point of the Scout Law is that "a scout is reverent". Learning about one's religion and faith is an integral part of the scouting experience, and there are scouting programs available for all religions. I would encourage you to contact Assistant Scoutmaster Phyllis Stein, me, or one of the other scout leaders for more information about these programs.

Assistant Scoutmaster Paul Merget and I are counselors for the Ad Altare Dei award. This religious award is offered to Catholic scouts interested in learning more about their church community and their individual faith. The Ad Altare Dei program is designed for scouts 13-14 years of age (to coincide with, but not substitute for, their Confirmation preparation), but older scouts are welcome to join us as well. It is a season-long program designed to teach the scout about the seven Sacraments while they grow in their faith. We meet on a monthly basis for about an hour and a half to two hours, and we cover a sacrament during each session. The scouts are asked to actively participate in the class and complete some at-home work for each session. We do some service work and attend a weekend camping retreat as part of the program. It really is a fun experience. There is a workbook that the scout will utilize as their guide. Our 2012-13 class will be starting up in September/October. Please let us know if your son is interested in participating. He may want to speak to one of the many scouts in the Troop who have already gone through this program.

The Pope Pius XII program is designed for older Catholic scouts (16-18 years of age), but younger scouts can participate as appropriate. The purpose of the Pope Pius XII program is to help the scout, through discussion and self-examination of life experiences (e.g., scouting), grow in their faith and discover the importance that it has on their life and on their faith community. This is also a season-long program that will meet monthly or so. This is a much more individualized class for the scout, putting more of the work and effort on their personal expectations. There is a corresponding workbook for this program as well. As a counselor for the Pope Pius XII award, I would welcome the opportunity to shepherd your son through this experience. Please let me know if your scout would be interested. Please note that earning the Ad Altare Dei award in NOT a prerequisite for beginning the Pope Pius XII award.

The Boy Scouts of America has done a fantastic job in setting up opportunities for scouts of all faiths and there are local counselors for all religions. I would encourage you to look into these programs for your son. I look forward to hearing from you about Ad Altare Dei and Pope Pius.

How Parents Can Help

Our Troop survives and thrives on parent and family participation. Please take the time to fill out this Parent Resource Survey letting us know how you can help out. We always need parents at the monthly Parent Committee planning meetings, parents who can sit occasionally on Boards of Review for scouts, be a Merit Badge Counselor, or help drive on trips.


New adult leaders, parent committee members and parents willing to donate some time to the boys on trips and at meetings need training to understand what we're accomplishing with Boy Scouts. Leaders must be fully trained within a year of registering as a leader, but parents can participate whenever they can.
See the outline on our Training page. Some training is available online for you to take at home. See the links under "Training" on the left menu. For example,
  • Fast Start
  • Youth Protection
  • Safe Swim Defense
  • Safety Afloat
  • Climb on Safely
  • Troop Committee Training
For personalized hands on training by our local district training staff please see the Training page at:

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